Friday, May 26, 2017

My history of moving

It's almost the end of May, and we are supposed to clear our current rent house by 31st May.
Thank goodness our back to back training is done for May. It's been quite a marathon of a month.

Finally I get to pack all my stuff, and thankfully my closet is just small and mobile. So I don't need to worry to pack everything in the box, I just need to carry my wardrobe down and into the mover lorry.

Talk about moving, this makes me reminisce on how we moved last time, My family has a total of 8 people including my parents, so you can just imagine the amount of stuff we have in our house.

Since my dad was a policeman then, I remember him driving that huge police's lorry that they always used to confiscate all the motorbikes with no license and such (just to give an idea of how huge it was). Well, we used a total of 3 lorries to move our stuff from one house to another and it took us months to do that. Reason being, well my dad used to be a bike and car collector, we had about 3 sports car (ford capri) and 1 volvo, bikes I think around 7-8, the vespa range, norton and also another type I forgot the name. and my dad being a legit hoarder had a lot of stuff that he chose to not throw away even if it can be thrown away... Nothing wrong with that, that is just a disorder that he has. We as a family just tolerate with it. and manage accordingly.

Anyway, I remember our first move was from Ipoh to Kampar, around 1 hour drive, Moving from a very small police quarter house, with a slightly bigger space quarter that was owned by the KTMB - the train company, I recall the rental was only 120/month.

I can remember vividly how it was like moving to a new town, the town felt like a cowboy town, because Ipoh was more modern in a way, I felt like wherever we went, the citizens will somehow stare at me, (felt like I was in one of those horror episode of goosebump) okay watching/reading too much horror genre did not help.  Anyway, that uncomfortable feeling of a new place was there.

And since we were staying besides the train station, for the first couple of weeks I had trouble sleeping. the first night, I barely slept. It was hot and humid, because we just moved and haven't got the electricity up and running yet. and we used the candle to make our way around the house. That feeling of being in lacked of resources condition, despite the norm that might think it was uncomfortable, I somehow felt warm and fuzzy because I experienced all that with my family.

I love every moment of it. anyway I forgot to mention, That was our first moving act after staying in Ipoh for around 25 years, imagine how reluctant I was to move to Kampar at that point of time, because all of my childhood friends are there, even my first *cinta monyet* which was another anak polis btw, he has a twin, and between him and his twin he was the shy one. I think both of them went to the police force as well. Last I heard.

Anyway, we had quite a great time in Kampar, I make friends and was very active as usual, and our family was tested with a great vast of challenges in terms of family ties and bonds, my sis got sick believed was cause by something supernatural.

Moving on, we moved to Nilai, after a good 9 years. We moved to one of our sis house. and until now after some moving here and there. My parents remain in Nilai still.

Looking at the type of houses we stayed in, I am so grateful that it has been improved by and by.
It was not easy to have what we have now, And we have our parents to thank for it. My dad - for sending all of us to chinese school, somehow, we got a job very easily due to the extra language we master and our diligence towards our work, My Mum- for paying all of our tuition fees despite having a very challenging job as a hawker, cooking from the morning till night cleaning and such.. oh god, talking about this makes me wanna cry.. my mum is the best.  She has 6, SIX kids to raise in which all fees are almost all the time paid by her.  :'(.. May God bless her and her kind soul. and may she be rewarded with Jannah for all her good deeds she did not just for her kids but to the people around her as well.

That was all about my moving history, I love every single moment of it. and now I am moving from TTDI to Bangsar. I have not really packed anything honestly. Been too busy to pack and now I am finally free-er.  Plus it is a good activity for me to stop thinking about things I shouldn't.

Final words, selamat berpuasa to all. May all of you that accidentally stumbled upon my blog have a blessed Ramadhan

Friday, May 12, 2017


Longing for quality solo trip to places unknown.. Conversing with strangers, challenging myself for something big.

Thrilling and fun..

I'm used to work challenges.. In fact, I'm coined with the phrase "naadiah pantang dicabar"..

Sometimes, I even purposely challenge myself to do something more. Pushed myself to go further like in running.. (I had never run more than 1 minute straight before, and then on my birthday last year I pushed myself to go for full 20minutes non stop and boy I was happy)

Plus, I need a great distraction to overcome the existing "distraction".. What could I do next? Learn new language perhaps? Speaks latin maybe..

Ooh I love to learn something new. Maybe bout time for me to start sewing my own clothes? Wahh.. Seronok tu..

Well the sky is not the limit for me.. I always go above and beyond.. Hoping to get to learn something wonderful this year..

Thursday, May 11, 2017


Been about a month I have been having insomnia every alternate day for unknown reason.

Despite being extremely sleepy before I started to dozed off.


Sunday, April 30, 2017

rest day not quite

Started off the day. Lying on bed until 10am because I just feel like sleeping in. It has been such crazy week of work one week after another. Feels like its been a while since I sleep in on weekend.

I then went off to watch a movie called gifted.  cried as usual. Putting myself in the uncle's shoes... Which is btw the dashing chris evan..

Then I went walking aimlessly round the mall and accidentally bought myself melvita organic skin care products along with cool membership n all.  believe it or not my unsettleness disappears for a while. After buying.. N now it is starting to kicks in again... Oh darn.. I wanna go back to work. Doing nothing makes me weak and vulnerable.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Too much To handle

Facebook berlambak benda merepek2. Kenapa wujud? Pasti sebab ada audience yang layan..
 rasa nak deactivate kerana tiada rasa keperluan tapi bisnes kena jalan.

Rasa akan lebih tenang tanpanya..

Fitnah dijual sana sini. Terasa ramai membuang masa di situ. Sayangnya masa.. Masa yang berharga. Demi masa.. Sesungguhnya manusia kerugian.. Itu dia lagu yang penuh nasihat tersirat..

Berbalik kepada rutin harian, pagi bangun bootcamp seorang diri, kerja kerja kerja, terlampau sibuk tak sempat tarik nafas sampai terlupa sesuatu dan sengaja tidak lunch sebab terlampau buk kerja.. Malam pula zumba dan cardio..
Tidak saya tak obses workout. Cuma check and balance..

Emosi masih kurang stabil.. Harap akan stabil suatu hari nanti..

Everything is too much.. Tapi tak boleh fikirkan kesusahan. Buat slow2 (tak juga saya kerja sepantas kilat)..anyhoo.. InshaAllah I can go through this phase.. God is great. God is helpful..

Rest I must.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

what will happen then?

What would happen to my family if I die young?
What would happen to the business if I'm not around?
What would my friends be feeling then?

Sometimes I wonder all these. Because I feel like I am a big part of their life and I always am afraid that things will get chaotic if I am not around. Cause I usually be the person to ensure everything is in place.