Saturday, January 20, 2018

It's been so long

2 weeks past 2018 and this is my first ever post.

What has happened in 2017? A lot of conflicts between some friends we thought friends. Letting go of people who are not where I wish they could be.

Went to Taiwan for my 2nd solo trip and realizing it was not a place I would want to go for the second time.

In conclusion, I pretty much feel that 2017 have taught me valuable learning to not wanna have drama anymore.

Talk about not wanting drama, I feel slightly heavy when someone came to me and talked about their crisis and issues. I empathized and gave a shoulder to cry on. Provided my honest perspective, and that's it. I will not be sucked into the drama itself.

And I feel so lucky the fact that moving into this new year I got to meet this one incredibly kind lady who did wonderful work and extremely efficient in carrying duties. I heard her past stories and I couldn't help but to feel sorry for her. She is a kind person, why would people treated her otherwise. well, sometimes being too kind gets you into trouble. But nothing could go wrong with being kind nevertheless, we just need to know our limit and barrier when it comes to giving our time and energy to other people.

So far it has been the busiest 1st quarter in my almost 4 years of working with my sister. Jobs came in  one after another. Alhamdullillah to that. That also meant, it will be a challenge to handle everything without losing focus, need I mention, our maid just decided to quit, she said we are bad people. (oh, people can be victimy when telling stories but they forgot that they also did something wrong, most of the time, people wouldn't share that part). That's what people do to gain sympathy.

oh well. closing that chapter. With yaqqin becomes our day and night responsibilities, we must be creative in our scheduling. some things must be sacrificed. that's what parents do. Even though I am not a parent, I do feel like one.hehe.

Anyhoo. I think I am going off topic now. hopefully things will get better. Yes I've lost a couple of people in my life, but God is great to replace them with wonderful angels.

Until soon. Now I would like to resume my receipt accounting for GST payment due this month end. Oh brother.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Letting life flow as it goes

Been a while since I really take the time to write, one reason is because I am extremely busy at work. One event after another, clients keep coming, Alhamdullillah, marketing continuously, accounting, managing people, company financial, handling the house purchase for my folks well, endless busyness.

Another reason is that I don't feel the need to write anymore, I will usually write when I  am in an emotional roller coaster ride. Well, I guess I am not in one anymore. It's weird, but I seem to be the kind who bounced off fast after a heartbreak, once I get a hook that I could focused on which I had a couple of months ago. Thankfully it has helped me to move on successfully.. I guess I am too good at goodbye

What I am focusing now is to provide for my family, work hard, make sure that we can get that house for my folks. Focus on Yaqqin my precious nephew, I feel like I'm his mum to be honest.. He is too cute btw.

Just going with the flow of life.. And surrender where it may take me and at the same time be and do my best for everyone in my life.

And ooh I came to a point where I realized, travelling for no purpose gives me no fun, it is odd to have such a sudden thought given I was so excited about going somewhere in my previous post, I just don't have the passion to do so anymore I guess. Not for the right reason..

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Catching My Breath Through This Extremely Fast Pace Month

Got nothing to say but I want to have a long long holiday somewhere ALONE. Away from everyone. Just me and my thoughts

Friday, August 11, 2017

Self worth

A lady should have it always.

I am one who will always sacrifice myself to a relationship/connection whatever you called it.

I've experienced not being treated justly or should I say I made the most effort but the other person care less .

I am now conpletely clear that I don't want to be in that state anymore.

Despite living a single life people may ask me don't you get lonely?
Me:"hell no" and I wish to keep it that way until a deserving one comes

Self worth is good for my emotional wellbeing and it keeps me happy.